I am Praneet Kaur, a trauma informed practicing psychologist with a masters degree in Clinical Psychology and expertise in handling relationship issues. My journey as a therapist has been dedicated to addressing a diverse range of issues, including procrastination, burnout, existential crises, sleep troubles, sexual concerns, and grief work. However, my true passion lies in supporting individuals and couples through relationship issues and helping people recover from sexual abuse trauma.

Therapy Approach

My work with clients revolves around getting to the root of their complains and focusing on healing the fundamental wound underneath. I do so using a lot of trauma informed therapy models such an IFS, Inner Child Healing, Trauma INFormed Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and a lot of emotions focused work.

Along with this I also train my clients in somatic work to help them manage their active symptoms.

Working Style

My aim is to create a nonjudgemental, nurturing space for my clients such that they are able to feel secure and empowered enough to take up space in sessions.

I do not practice hierarchy in my sessions and always encourage my clients to share feedback of all kinds, ask as many questions as they want, and share and open up at their own pace.


I'm a firm believer that my ability to connect with clients goes hand in hand with my own journey of self-discovery. The more deeply I am able to understand myself the more deeply I am able to work with my clients. I believe I am always a therapist in making. I make mistakes every day, and every day I learn. If there is one thing my practice has taught me it is integrity. Over the years I have built an appetite for failure, negative feedback and constant unlearning and learning.


Beyond my private practice, I actively work on maintaining my mental well-being with a lot of downtime, soaking in nature, taking frequent breaks, and spending lots of quality time with friends and family. Music and dance play integral roles in my holistic approach to both life and work.

I always aim to bring my most authentic, well-rested, regulated and nurturing Self to the sessions. This helps me build a deep and a special therapeutic relationship with each of my clients. Watching them heal and become their authentic selves brings me immense hoy and acts as an inspiration for me to continue to do so myself. I feel honoured by all the faith my clients put in me and truly grateful for being able to witness them their healing journey.

"We're not a medical service providing or suicide prevention portal. If you're feeling suicidal or are in a life threatening situation, kindly visit a hospital or contact a suicide prevention helpline."